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Our Purpose

College Unbound (CU), focuses on adult learners who have faced significant barriers to attending college. CU coordinates courses, field studies, and in-depth project work to help students develop field-specific knowledge and skills that encourage deep learning. CU fills a unique niche in postsecondary education for returning adult learners with a Bachelor’s Degree program designed around an innovative, personalized, interest/project-based curriculum model.
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Equity Unbound

College Unbound partners with Equity Institute offering a TA to BA program! Equity Unbound is a collaboration offering BIPOC educators a pathway to a college degree. Equity Unbound was created to help recruit and develop a diverse teacher workforce.

Student Experience

Miche’le Fontes

"I used to be unsure of myself, not confident enough to take up space or speak up. Now, I unapologetically take up space and advocate for any and everything that centers around community, the youth and just about anything else I am passionate about."

April Wilson Samuels

"I used to be ashamed of not having my degree while encouraging and helping so many people get theirs. Now I am standing with my head held high, proud because I finally completed a dream 30 years deferred."

Nicole Scott

"I used to be myself, now I am a better version. After graduation, I will live my best life, I will apply to a graduate school in a dual degree master’s program of MBA and MFA with a concentration on creative writing."

Priscila Rodriquez

"I used to be afraid to speak my mind, now I am confident in my skills and the knowledge I have acquired during my time at CU."

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Fast Facts

  • books97% of CU graduates report that they are more marketable as a result of earning their degree.
  • faculty87% of CU graduates continued their projects after graduation.
  • 75% of students who started in 2016 have completed their BA in less than 4 years.