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Our Purpose

College Unbound (CU), focuses on adult learners who have faced significant barriers to attending college. CU coordinates courses, field studies, and in-depth project work to help students develop field-specific knowledge and skills that encourage deep learning. CU fills a unique niche in postsecondary education for returning adult learners with a Bachelor’s Degree program designed around an innovative, personalized, interest/project-based curriculum model.
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Equity Unbound

College Unbound partners with Equity Institute offering a TA to BA program! Equity Unbound is a collaboration offering BIPOC educators a pathway to a college degree. Equity Unbound was created to help recruit and develop a diverse teacher workforce.

Student Experience

Amber Newmann

"Now I am confident CU has equipped me with the tools, resources and experience to pursue my dreams and identify opportunities."

Amanda Jean Carlson

"I used to be limited with job possibilities now I am filled with optimism for my future."

Adelaida Sanchez

"I always wanted the confidence and support to achieve greater things in life."

Miche’le Fontes

"I used to be unsure of myself, not confident enough to take up space or speak up. Now, I unapologetically take up space & advocate for any & everything that centers around community, the youth & just about anything else I am passionate about."

April Wilson Samuels

"I used to be ashamed of not having my degree while encouraging and helping so many people get theirs. Now I am standing with my head held high, proud because I finally completed a dream 30 years deferred."

News & Announcements

College Unbound Receives Grant from Walmart to Expand Pathways to Education and Employment Featured Photo

College Unbound Receives Grant from Walmart to Expand Pathways to Education and Employment

(Providence, RI) - On May 18, 2022, College Unbound (CU)–Rhode Island’s only accredited institution of higher education designed specifcally for working adults–received a generous grant from Walmart for the national expansion of CU’s library-based pathways to employment and Bachelor’s Degree completion. The program actively reimagines education, developing credentialed pathways that bridge work experience, education, and skill development.

Fast Facts

  • books97% of CU graduates report that they are more marketable as a result of earning their degree.
  • faculty87% of CU graduates continued their projects after graduation.
  • 75% of students who started in 2016 have completed their BA in less than 4 years.