Student Support

Culture of Support


CU students lead full lives, and we recognize the importance of providing access to a wide range of supports, from academics, employment, family and emergency services. College Unbound offers comprehensive and systematic support to help students stay in their degree program, graduate, and keep moving forward. We integrate these supports into the curriculum as well as making supplemental support available as the need arises.


Essential supports are available to all students free of charge at CU’s weekly cohort meetings:

  • Dinner: At every weekly gathering for class expect a hot meal on us.

At each weekly cohort gathering a Student Services Representative is available to answer your questions. Student Service Representatives are peer representatives that are members of the Student Services Committee. The Student Services Committee is a student lead organization that reviews the programs and policies of student services


Interested in learning more or joining the committee? Send us an email: [email protected]



Student Services in the Curriculum


A part of student services is expanding social capital for our students. This happens through the development of the PLN (Personal Learning Network), the exposure to resources and learning experiences from which you can draw. It also provides the means to assess, validate, and credential the learning. Students are not limited to using only those resources. They are encouraged and credited to use the world around them. Our Student Handbook outlines a wide range of policies designed to support our students, including the Student Code of Conduct, Academic Honesty Policy, Professional Mentor Agreement, Nondiscrimination Policy and other valuable student resources.


Academic Resources


  • Library Resources: College Unbound is proud to partner with the Providence Public Library to provide lifelong access to reading, research, and learning resources for CU students, alumni, and the Providence community. To learn more, see library resources.
  • Study-Hall Pop-Ups: Study Hall Pop-ups meet twice a month on Saturdays to open the building to offer a place for students to catch up on their work together. The Assistant Dean of Students and a Student Services Representative is present at all Study Hall Pop-Ups!
  • Assistant Dean of Student Services on Call: Please reach out to Chris Dickson by email or phone 404-956-9657 with any questions and he will get back to you within one business day.
  • Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: College Unbound is committed to creating a learning environment that meets the needs of its diverse student body. Any student who needs, or believes they may need disability accommodations is welcome to contact CU Accessibility at [email protected]. This will connect you to Jon Corey Ph.D. who will be able to assist and advocate for your needs.
  • Academic Tutoring: To set up appointments with CU’s Writing and Math Tutors, please email Student Services to request a meeting.
  • Financial Literacy: Need help working on your FAFSA or credit score? Contact Tom Norton, the Financial Aid Advisor.
  • Big 10 Resource Page
  • LIP Resource Page

Counseling Services and Emergency Response


College Unbound has a Case Management Team that works to assist students with the challenges of everyday life. Reach out to Wanda Brown if you need assistance at [email protected].


Should you need immediate assistance at any hour, please call the United Way’s 211 hotline or visit to call, search or chat.  Mention that you are a CU student. Our partnership with United Way 211 enables us to provide CU students support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.