Academic Approach

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Change

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership & Change

College Unbound’s Organizational Leadership and Change Bachelor’s Degree program provides students with a grounded understanding of the leadership and change skills necessary to make a positive difference in their workplaces and communities.

Through theoretical and practical exploration, this degree program prepares students to apply leadership and change skills in evolving organizational environments and cultural contexts. Students’ research, practice, and project-based work provide critical training in project management, leadership development, and driving social change.

Each student’s comprehensive, customized personal learning plan features a multitude of opportunities to hone these competencies while developing high-value, field-specific knowledge and skills related to his or her area of interest, culminating in a capstone project and presentation. Click here for more information on transfer credits and prior learning. For a sample of a Personal Learning Plan click here.

Celebrating Student Projects

The central focus of College Unbound’s student-initiated curriculum is the Workplace and World Lab, in which students develop and implement a project based on their passion and interests. Students develop projects around entrepreneurial businesses, workplace initiatives, or social ventures.

This video featuring Liz Colon and her relentless efforts to remove lead from the Providence water system was produced by Julia Schmalz for the Chronicle of Higher Education.


For more detail on project development, please see the CU Core Project Rubric.


Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight
CU Alumni Kofi Mireku and Lauren Roy traveled to Ghana to continue implementation of Kofi’s project around diabetes education and prevention. Kofi developed and implemented this project throughout his time at College Unbound, and the work continues after graduation.
Other sample projects include:
• Lynn’s project creates a performance scorecard for her organization enabling leadership and staff to focus on the organization’s key outcomes.
• Rongina’s project provides early childhood educators with strategies and methods for increasing individualized instruction in the classroom.
• Rosey’s project helps couples with counseling and support to get through major life milestones and crises.