Student Experience

Maridalia Gomez

"The hope is that my project will help guide my community and motivate others to find ways of elevating their own communities."

Kerry Schiff

"...After graduation I will be confident when approaching new experiences and excited about the possibilities in the future."

Johanally Matta

"...After graduation I will continue to work on my purpose while creating the life of my dreams."

Joeanna Cruz

"After graduation I will continue to walk in the confidence that CU instilled in me..."

Jessie Polanco

"...Now I am a Latin American female and single mother with a bachelor's degree."

Jaimen Halliday

"...After graduation I will continue seeking to find my place in social services."

Gricelyz Montanez

"...After graduation, I will still be a daughter, sister and mother but with a bachelor’s degree and hopefully able to have better opportunities."

Glendy Garcia

"I thank my family and dearest friends for understanding my lifestyle during this whole process..."

Elizabeth Ferreira

"Now I'm a black woman, mother, wife, daughter, older sister that has a bachelor's degree and is feeling accomplished."

Elisabeth DeAndrade Phillips

"...I am the first born Cape Verdean American in my immediate family to have my Bachelor’s degree! I am so proud of my journey."
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