Student Experience

José Cabrera

"After graduation, I will be continuing my educational journey and pursuing my master’s degree."

Dione Hernandez

"I used to be a little insecure in making the decision to continue my education, I doubted my abilities and was afraid of failure. Now I am more confident in myself, I have more knowledge and achievements that have made me better as a person and professional. After graduation, I will put everything I learned from my classes and classmates to practice in my family and work environment."

Elizabeth Guzman

"I used to be APPREHENSIVE now I am CONFIDENT. After graduation, I will continue to push myself with no limits."

Lisa Kerr

"I used to be someone who settled for what was."

Elizabeth Araujo Haller

"I used to be defensive about my choices, now I am not defensive about my
choices. After graduation, I will still be my imperfect self."

Clairable Mejia

"I would like to thank my family, friends, my cohort (extended family) for consistently believing in me and supporting me with their positive wisdom."

Rosalinda Velilla

"After graduation I will be self-employed by a boss that I love and really has my best interest at heart."
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