Student Experience

Kendra Ault

"After graduation, I will use the skills and information that I gained while at College Unbound to give back to the community, College Unbound and those in need."

Phyllis Mulligan

"I used to be unsure that my voice could make a difference. Now I am sure that when folks work together things get accomplished."

José Cabrera

"After graduation, I will be continuing my educational journey and pursuing my master’s degree."

Dione Hernandez

"I used to be a little insecure in making the decision to continue my education, I doubted my abilities and was afraid of failure. Now I am more confident in myself, I have more knowledge and achievements that have made me better as a person and professional. After graduation, I will put everything I learned from my classes and classmates to practice in my family and work environment."

Elizabeth Guzman

"I used to be APPREHENSIVE now I am CONFIDENT. After graduation, I will continue to push myself with no limits."

Lisa Kerr

"I used to be someone who settled for what was."
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