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Strategic Plan

College Unbound regards short- and long-term planning as key to achieving its mission and goals. Long-term planning is articulated in the College Unbound Strategic Plan, which was revised in August 2017 and approved by the board of trustees on September 19, 2017. A 2015 feasibility study also can be viewed below. 


Strategic Goals

  1. Increasing our reach and strengthening our presence in Rhode Island
  2. Expanding and refining the curriculum to meet the needs of student affinity cohorts
  3. Building a diverse faculty that demographically echoes the population it serves, honoring local wisdom, and covering a wide range of experiences, consisting of both practioners and academicians in early career, mid career, late career and retired
  4. Increasing stakeholder engagement and involvement in decision-making
  5. Developing the necessary information technology infrastructure to support students, faculty, and administrative staff, and providing training for optimal usage
  6. Building capacity in the administrative team, reinventing back-office structures, and hiring consultants for targeted areas, ensuring that College Unbound meets regulator and professional standards
  7. Becoming financially self-sustaining
  8. Inspiring alumni to maintain a lifelong connection with College Unbound
  9. Advocating for the reinvention of higher education to serve adult learners


Executive Committee
This committee is responsible for planning and includes representatives of all stakeholder groups. The committee reviews the strategic plan on a quarterly basis.
Members include the president, executive vice president, vice president of strategy and planning, vice president of academic affairs/provost, vice president of administration and finance, director of communications, two representatives from the academic affairs and technology committee, two students, and one member of the board of trustees. See our staff directory.