President's Welcome

President Dennis LittkyGreat to have you visiting the College Unbound website. If you are a prospective student, congratulations! Coming here is a step forward in finishing your degree.

If you are a current student or graduate, you know that by joining College Unbound you have joined a community committed to change, a family that supports each other, and a movement that will change who gets degrees in America and how we get them.

At CU we have created a space for adults who wanted to return to college and transform their lives, both personally and professionally. We know you come to CU with a vision for what you want. We want to help you realize that vision. We know you come to CU with years of knowledge and experience. We want to share that knowledge, and, whenever possible, credit your experience.

We often hear people worrying about whether their kids are college ready, but we think colleges need to learn to be student ready. That means seeing students for who they are and valuing the experiences and knowledge they bring with them to the classroom.

In 10 years, College Unbound has gone from ten students to hundreds. College Unbound has taken on, successfully, every hurdle along the way, just as our students have had to take on every hurdle in their own lives. From Rhode Island Board of Higher Ed approval to Federal Financial Aid to accreditation, we keep moving forward. College Unbound has set up a financially sound college with the potential to serve the 150,000 adults in Rhode Island who started college and never finished. And, eventually, the 36 million adults nationwide.

Enjoy browsing the site, looking at our amazing student’s stories. Whether you’re a perspective student, someone looking for a job, a funder or just an interested person, contact us or come visit. We are so proud of our incredibly diverse students and staff.

Dennis Littky,
College Unbound