So You Want to Teach at CU

Join us for an Open House!

College Unbound is hosting its first Open House for folks interested in teaching at CU on Monday, May 8 from 6:00-7:00 P.M. We're inviting folks who are curious to learn what it is to teach at CU for assessment specialists, instructional faculty, and lab faculty — and if interested — apply to join us!

If you clicked on this page because you’re interested in getting to know more about College Unbound and what it’s like to teach here…you’re in the right place!

Before we get started, let’s go over a few basics:

What is College Unbound?

College Unbound (CU) is a student-driven, non-traditional, accredited college focused on providing comprehensive support for adult learners working towards a B.A. in Organizational Leadership & Change. 

How do students learn at College Unbound? 

Students learn through either 8-week or 16-week, synchronous or asynchronous virtual courses, and a weekly, full semester, in-person Workplace & World Lab. At the center of a CU student’s learning is a project based around their passion and interests, often incorporating entrepreneurial businesses, workplace initiatives, or social ventures. Students’ projects often stay with them post-graduation and have profound impacts on their communities.

Check out some sample syllabi from a few of our signature CU courses:

For Lab Faculty: Workplace & World Lab 

For Instructional Faculty: Learning from Experience | Reframing Failure | Writing for Change                                      


The most important thing to know about your journey as prospective faculty at CU is that our model is centered around relationship building

At College Unbound, our faculty are separated into three distinct types: Instructional Faculty, Lab Faculty, and Alumni Mentors. Check out the graphic below for a brief overview of each:

Instructional Faculty Lab Faculty
Alumni Mentor Assessment Specialist

At the core of every class, every faculty member, whether instructional, lab, or alumni mentor, has a one on one relationship with each student. 

Faculty have the freedom to customize their syllabus to fit each of their students’ projects, using one on one meetings to rethink and realign the course in real time to fit students’ needs. 

Here are a few good questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering if you’re a good fit for College Unbound!

Have you ever wanted teaching to be more than just content?

Have you ever taught adult learners?

Have you ever taught online (synchronously or asynchronously)?  

Please know that answering “no” to any (or even all!) of these questions doesn’t disqualify you from teaching at CU. Answering “yes” means you’ll be a bit more prepared to teach at CU. But what we value most is alignment with our guiding principles and our vision for the future of education

To learn more about these roles and the work that CU does, please check out this Open House that has additional answers, insights, and information (43:17 minutes).




→ Interested in becoming a Lab Faculty member at CU? Click here 

→ Interested in becoming an Instructional Faculty member at CU? Click here


So, you’ve interested in joining the CommUnity…we’re excited to hear more from you! Here is an example of how your first steps at CU might look:

  1. Review the job description and requirements for each role:  Lab Faculty, Instructional Faculty, Assessment Specialist, and Alumni Mentor.
  2. Watch the Open House video above (or come to our next live session).
  3. Complete this form for next steps CU Faculty Application
  4. Based upon the form, you may be contacted by one of our staff including:
    Assessment Specialist:  Liz Colon, Director of Learning in Public
    Instructional Faculty:  Lance Eaton, Director of Digital Pedagogy
    Lab Faculty: Sage Morgan-Hubbard, Director of Lab Faculty
    Alumni Mentor: Michael Reaves, Director of Career & Alumni Success
  5. Based upon that discussion, you may be asked to meet with our Provost.
  6. From there, we can discuss upcoming opportunities and get you set up with CU credentials.

Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you!