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The majority of College Unbound students finance their education through Federal Pell Grants and Financial Aid. In addition, the following scholarships are available to CU students:

Feinstein Senior Scholars are awarded to College Unbound students who are the parents of children who participate in the Alan Shawn Feinstein Junior Scholars in public and private schools in Rhode Island.  

Aquidneck Island Scholarships are awarded to College Unbound Students who are members of a cohort based in Newport, Middletown or at similar locations on Aquidneck Island.
The Dr. John H. Moran Scholarship Fund: This fund provides scholarships for Providence Community Health Center employees to complete a Bachelor’s Degree at College Unbound (CU) through the CU/PCHC workplace partnership.

The Francie Heller Scholarships are awarded to formerly incarcerated students enrolled at College Unbound.  These students have been incarcerated in Rhode Island within the last ten years.  Preference will be given who began their college work with College Unbound while incarcerated, and have joined CU through the Bridge Program.

William Holland Scholarship is awarded each year to an individual who has demonstrated special leadership in their projects or in comparable activities in their communities.