Activities for Kids at Home

The work-at-home parents at CU have put together a set of activities both online and offline to support your kids while you are in Workplace and World Lab, studying, or just needing to change up the at home routine. 

Low/No Tech Activities (ages 2-10) 

More at Home Activities (all ages)

Home Obstacle Course (ages 2-12)  


30 Minute Kids Yoga (all ages)  

Art Lesson (all ages/4+)  

Space Activities

Online Educational Resources

Coloring Book Download

Virtual Field Trips*gXHA7eOnjiVv1lZP4f08nA&fbclid=IwAR3llWbqUjfn46tozXHOtLkUgjE_qMGkUbVWwlcjxcMgGR9IrHBvcQgzKLY

Synth Apps

Museum Virtual Tours


Census coloring pages   



Geography Quizzes

COVID-19 Update

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