Admissions Policy

College Unbound seeks to serve all persons regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national or ethnic origin, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and employment policies as well as in the policies governing all programs that it offers or administers.

Requirements for Admissions

The requirements for admission as a degree candidate are that the applicant:

  • Complete College Unbound application for admission.
  • Have graduated high school or hold a recognized equivalent (e.g. G.E.D.)
  • Demonstrate academic readiness in one of the following ways:
    • Has earned at least nine (9) college credits with a minimum 2.0 career (cumulative) GPA and a B or better in Composition 101. The composition course must have been taken at an accredited college or university. Other credits may have been earned through an accredited college or university, through the armed services, by assessment of prior learning experiences, or by completing standardized college-level proficiency exams with an acceptable score.

                                                                                -- or -- 

    • Submits a piece of writing, video, or has an extended admissions conversation in which they answer the following two questions:
      • Tell about one or more key learning experiences in your life or what you are learning in an average week. This can be school or non-school based learning, and it can be about how you learned from failures as well as successes. Tell what happened, what you learned, and how the experience influenced your understanding of yourself as a learner
      • What is the change you want you would like to make in the world? Why is this change important and how do you think it might happen?

  • Have basic computer skills including the ability to participate and submit classwork online.
  • Have computer and internet access or have agreed to a technology plan with the College Unbound Admissions Office.
  • Participate in the College Unbound admissions conversation process.
  • Demonstrate understanding of and ability to be successful at College Unbound.
Conditional Acceptance

Conditional Acceptance may be granted to students who lack one or more admissions requirements if determined they are otherwise a good fit. The student will have one term or twelve (12) credits to earn a 2.0 cumulative GPA, or he/she will be dismissed from the college.