National Press Features CU Innovations

In the Chronicle video interview, Provost Bush says that College Unbound recognizes the knowledge-making connected to students’ work, their community and family. Watch the video.

Their project is a way to do deeper and deeper learning, he says. Students “own it in a way that isn’t like a classroom assignment.”

Peers and practitioners are part of the learning, and food is part of the pedagogy. College Unbound has a three-hour integrated seminar each week and dinner and child care are provided. “We want them to be present and to be with their kids,” Provost Bush adds.

College Unbound first focused on traditional students, but adult learners started seeking us out. We posted an invitation for adults to come and talk to us, he says. “Seventy people showed up and it became like a town hall revival,” he adds. “We followed that voice and became what they needed.”  

Image credit: Julia Schmalz, The Chronicle of Higher Education.