We are writing with an update on our plans for the Spring semester.

After much deliberation with College Unbound students, faculty, and staff, we have decided not to have CU Rhode Island students return to in-person learning in March. We will continue to deliver the World Wide Lab and all other courses online for the remainder of the semester. Consistent with past practices, summer courses will be offered online. We expect that the vast majority of CU Rhode Island students will resume in-person learning in the Fall. CU Philadelphia students will continue their courses as they are currently being delivered.

This decision was made to ensure that the quality of learning at CU remains up to the highest standards, in response to significant input from the CU community that a hybrid learning model would prove to be too disruptive and difficult for many.

Please be in touch with your Lab faculty with any questions about connecting online for your cohort meetings.

As the semester proceeds, we hope to share more opportunities for community building with you all. The Student Services Committee is currently working on launching monthly online community meetings and creating ways for students to connect via virtual study groups. Please continue to stay safe, healthy, and connected.

Dennis Littky, President, College Unbound
Adam Bush, Vice President Academic Affairs and Provost, College Unbound
Robert Carothers, Executive Vice President, College Unbound
Sylvia Spears, Vice President Administration and Innovation, College Unbound