Kendra Ault

"I used to be afraid to get up in front of others and speak about myself, now I can proudly stand in front of strangers and speak both about myself, my passions and my child. I want to be an advocate and support for others that need it most. I would like to thank Scott Weber for inviting me to attend College Unbound and for having by back throughout these last two very tough years. I want to thank Zuli Vidal and Jose Rodriguez for showing me what College Unbound was all about and how it helped them grow into the amazing people that they are today. Thank you for reminding me that failure is just a stepping stone to greatness. I want to thank my cohort for always being so loving, inviting and supportive. Thank you to all the College Unbound staff for your amazing resources, support, pure love and dedication. Finally, I want to say the biggest than you to my son Daniel Charles Decosta for always giving me strength and reminding me how smart and important I am. I love your baby. I do it all for us. It’s us against the world always."