Statement on Guilty Verdict in George Floyd Murder Trial

The verdict in Minnesota will not bring back George Floyd. It is, however, a statement that there is a will in this country to change the culture of the oppression of black and brown men and women. In the last several months, we have seen even more examples of police violence and brutality, and we know that there is also a long history of looking the other way when there should have been a fight to stand against this stain on our nation.
College Unbound stands for equity and justice. We believe in our students and their roles in transforming the communities in which they live and work. Each day they inspire all of us to be our better selves.
To our Black and Brown community the entire College Unbound community stands with you! Today's guilty verdict brings a barrage of emotions. Accountability and closure for some and painful memories of the episode for others. The pain associated with the tragic death of George Floyd is one of many tragic events that further increases the hurt and pain that exists in our communities.
We at College Unbound continue to support one another and will continue to work together by doing our part to rid our community and society of racism.
Dennis Littky, President
College Unbound Board of Trustees
College Unbound Faculty and Staff