Black History is more than a month!

Sonia Thomas is a class of 2020 College Unbound graduate and a parent engagement specialist for West Elmwood Housing Development (WEHD). During the pandemic she created out of the box strategies to continue promoting the development of healthy, sustainable communities through housing services to help people and neighborhoods meet their affordable housing needs in the west end of the city of Providence. Sonia has been an advocate for people in the community, helping them to overcome education and career barriers utilizing wrap around support for parents and children. She helps to guide individuals towards certificate programs making them more marketable in the work force.

Sonia has a passion for culture and encourages diversity whenever possible. She is optimistic that post pandemic she will re-introduce community resource fairs where she will be able to provide resources for those with language barriers via on-site translators. Her hope is to expand the organization’s cultural base.
Prior to her work at WEHD Sonia was an ELO (Expanded Learning Opportunities) Multiple Pathways Teacher/Mentor for Central Falls High School. She taught Native American history. She was called on by the school district due to her personal story and advocacy efforts for indigenous peoples. Sonia’s class was mostly Spanish speaking which pushed her to teach with the use of translators. This fueled her appreciation for diversity and inclusion and desire to work with those who have language barriers.
Sonia Thomas is Native American. She was raised in a traditional Native American family, knowing the land and feeding off the land. Her family is still very involved with the Narragansett tribe. As for her future, Sonia would like to work for the state of Rhode Island as a liaison for tribal affairs, helping to change policy and continuing her advocacy for underserved communities.